What is EvilEye?
- EvilEye is an image browser based on Imlib2, Evas, Ebits, Edb and Efsd libraries.
- It can display images with an alpha channel very fast (hardware accelerated on some graphics boards)
- It's been build with good graphical design and looks in mind.
- EvilEye has only been tested on Debian GNU/Linux (i386).

Where can I download EvilEye?
Download the lastest source code from here
Currently no binary packages are available!

You'll also need Imlib2, Evas, Ebits, Edb and Efsd from http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/enlightenment

Who made EvilEye?
- EvilEye has been created by Hallvar Helleseth hallvar@ii.uib.no
- Evas, Ebits and Edb which EvilEye heavily relies on are created by Carsten Haitzler http://www.rasterman.com

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